Stonewall Hard Snuff!

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Stonewall Hard Snuff!

Beitragvon Gast am 05.01.2005, 21:58

Does anyone here use Stonewall Hard snuff? This stuff is the best thing I've seen since snus! The wintergreen taste is awesome, super low TSNAs (even when compared to Swedish brands of snus), no spitting, no stained teeth, no bad breath, plenty of nicotine kick, and it's cheap too! I just found me a new dip. Of course I'll still use snus every now and then, but Stonewall is just about perfect in every category.

Beitragvon kromlech am 06.01.2005, 10:12

I have never heard of that dip before. Could you please post a picture of a can. Does anybody know it?
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Beitragvon GWBush am 06.01.2005, 11:32

I think it is just a hoax.
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Beitragvon f.n.w am 06.01.2005, 12:55

nah, it's no hoax ;) it's not even a new product from
star tobacco inc... it's made with 100% very low-tsna,
non-fermented starcured tobacco... it's sold as
hard snuff pieces for a price between 3 and 4 us$
the only taste i know of, is wintergreen....
but i wouldn't call it dip... i had some bout a week ago...
but hey... have a look for yourself...

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Beitragvon General am 06.01.2005, 12:56

lol?! die Teile muss man ja mit der Lupe suchen....

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Beitragvon SwissPower am 06.01.2005, 15:29

Sind das Pillen zum Schlucken oder was?? :roll: kann mir nicht vorstellen so was unter der Lippe zu haben....

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Beitragvon f.n.w am 06.01.2005, 18:06

hi again, jeremy...

it's cool if you share your experiences with us...
it's just like i said in the other thread... sale was
stopped here, long time ago... (a big f*** goes to
the EU and to all the single countrys started that
crap..!) so mostly mainstream products make
their way to the consumers here...

i told a friend to send me a pack with all the
crazy and rare stuff from the states... this is
why i had the chance to test a few things lately...

but in my opinion i better would've asked for
a few cans of my reg dips... like rooster, skoal
and since a few weeks kodiak (all wintergreen)...
cause i'm serious low on that... again! :(

scares the hell out of me... *booo*

man, have a look on and compare the
us prices to the prices for europe..! you could
do easy buisness. just sell us dip cheaper than that...
and you'll have many happy costumers... *lol*

if big biz is not on your mind... and i could understand
that :) coz overseas biz is hard work... tell me, íf
you'd do me a favor... once or twice a year? if yes,
we could talk that over, in private emails... ;)

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